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Mod Squad 2018 in Fur & Fringe | Hudson Valley Senior Photographer

As a senior and teen photographer in the Hudson Valley, planning big group photo shoots in March can be really tricky. You never know if it's going to be cold or warm, sunny or rainy, or even blizzard conditions! We were pretty lucky indeed for our first group shoot with the 2018 Mod Squad! An awesome local restaurant (The Pond in Ancramdale, NY) was our location and provided absolutely everything we needed. We had the big banquet room all to ourselves in case the weather was bad, but since it wasn't we got to go outside and shoot in front of the cool, swampy area next door. It was the perfect backdrop for our theme: Fur & Fringe!

Here's what we did: 1. When the models arrived they grabbed their swag bags and checked out our accessory table to add to their outfits.

2. Then they all took turns outside posing for some group and individual shots--they looked fierce!!

3. Afterwards the girls went back inside and had an amazing meal while hanging out, bonding, and playing a getting-to-know-you game.

4. After their meal they changed into their Mod Squad t-shirts for a quick round of headshots.

5. Finally we got the whole group outside and lined up for a Squad photo. It was cold so they didn't mind huddling together!

It was a super full few hours but it was so rewarding to see the Mod Squad making new friends, supporting each other, enjoying a meal together, and, oh yeah--creating some awesome images in the process! It's going to be such an amazing year with these models and I can't wait for our next sessions this weekend!

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