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Prom Makeup Tutorial: Contouring | Hudson, NY Area Photographer

Lots of my dear Hudson, NY area high school students have one event on their minds right now...prom! With that in mind, I asked a couple of talented makeup artists to do tutorials to help you look your best for the big night. Last week we learned how to do a cut crease eye with Kelsie. Today, Ian is going to teach us how to properly contour and highlight!

1. CONTOUR: Using a contour powder that's not too dark, build up pigment using small circular motions in these locations: the hollows of the cheeks, under the jawline, and on the sides of the forehead near the hairline. Ian used Kat Von D Shade and Light Palette

2. NOSE: Using a small brush and the same powder from above, contour the nose by lightly brushing a straight line down either side of the center. Also brush a bit around the tip of the nose to give a pinched effect.

3. WARM: Using a darker, warmer-toned powder, add to the original contoured areas to add warmth and depth. Ian used Urban Decay Jean-Michel Basquiat Gallery Blush Palette color "Jawbone"

4. BAKE: Using translucent powder, draw a straight line starting from the ear to below the mouth, staying just under the contoured area of the cheek. Also add the powder to the center line of the nose and the outside of the nose contour lines. Even thought the powder is thickly applied and looks white, let it 'bake' for 5 minutes (i.e. while doing blush & highlights) to give a brightened effect. Ian used Mac Patrickstarrr Set Powder

5. BLUSH: Smile to bring out the apples of the cheeks and pat blush onto them. Also add a bit to the tip of the nose for a sun-kissed look. Ian used Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour blush in Paaarty and applied with Morphe Rose Gold collection blush brush

6. HIGHLIGHT: Using a light, shimmery highlight powder (or mix of powders) lightly apply in the following locations: the high point of the cheeks (just above the contoured areas), the cupid's bow area of the upper lip, the top of the chin, the tip of the nose, and above the eyebrows. Ian used the Anastasia Beverly Hills Ultimate Glow Kit, mixing together the colors White Sand, Hot Sand, Golden Dawn, and Sunray

7. BRUSH: Using a clean blending brush, brush off the 'bake' powder

8. SPRAY: Use a setting spray to finish the look. Ian used Boscia White Charcoal Mattifying MakeUp Setting Spray And here is the awesome final look!

With these steps under your belt, you should be able to confidently contour and highlight for prom. If you're not ready to DIY your look for your big night, though, you can book Ian to do your makeup! He's @ivmmakeup on Instagram.

Have a happy, beautiful day!

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