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Hudson NY Teen Photographer | Trash the Dress Sessions!

As a senior photographer in the Hudson, NY area, I always get to create portraits for junior and senior girls in fun and fashionable outfits. Until recently, however, I never got the chance to capture them in their gorgeous prom dresses. My schedule doesn't always allow me be where they on are prom night, especially since I photograph students from several area schools such as Taconic Hills, Stissing Mountain, Webutuck, and more. Instead, I decided to start doing Trash the Dress sessions with these girls after prom was over.

I know what you're thinking--trash the dress? Destroy those beautiful (and expensive) gowns that they so carefully chose for their big night? Well, let me first say that we haven't really trashed any dresses. Each one of these sessions has been tailored to the girls and we've only gotten as messy as they planned on. Most of them didn't get anything on their dresses at all, and some merely had to pick small pieces of hay or grass out of the tulle skirts. Only one brave soul decided to sit right in the stream for me (thanks, Kaya!)

So then, what are Trash the Dress sessions? They are out-of-the-box, dramatic, editorial style shoots in previously worn formal dresses. They are a chance to wear a fancy outfit in a forest, in a barn, in a field, or anywhere else where you wouldn't necessarily wear them. They are a time for you to not only feel like a model, but to actually become one with more fun and unique poses than you would usually strike in a photo shoot. And they are seriously fun and fabulous. (And they're for women of any age who have a formal outfit!!)

Here are some sample images from the Trash the Dress sessions we've done so far:

Today's blog post is included in a circle I'm part of for senior photographers around the country. On the 10th of each month, we post 10 of something--photos, tips, etc. My colleague Jodi over at MajorClicks Photography has one of these posts up today, too, so be sure to click here and take a look at it.

You may notice that I only posted 9 images in the gallery above instead of 10, but I'm super excited that tonight I'll be doing my 10th Trash the Dress session. Although the dates I originally had available for these sessions are completely booked, I've decided to add a few more dates because they've been so popular and fun! If you're interested in your own Trash the Dress session, contact me here. I can't wait to see you and turn you into a model!

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