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Beautiful bookworm | Columbia County, NY Photography

Last week I blogged about the first portion of Bobbie's "Love Letter to Yourself" session--an ode to her love of video games, anime, etc. Today's post features two other hobbies--beauty and books!

What is a "Love Letter to Yourself" session? Well, it's an answer to that other popular photography genre you see a lot of this time of year. Instead of boudoir photos taken as a Valentine's Day gift for someone else, we will be creating photos for you! We will capture you in your element, whatever that element may be.

Yup, it's time to #treatyoself this February, to indulge in your favorite hobby, food, or activity! Are you an avid biker? Do you bake cookies like no other? Is Dr. Who more of a way of life than a TV show? We can totally turn that into a fun photo shoot for you! Hair and makeup are an option if you like that sort of thing--retro, modern or any style you like! Take a look:

Are you ready to pull out all your favorites and have the most fun, playful session ever? Contact me and let's get brainstorming together! I'm seriously looking forward to seeing what themes and interests everyone comes up with!

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