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Dutchess County Senior Photographer | Chloie's Water Dance

With so many beautiful streams and ponds here in New York's Columbia and Dutchess Counties, I often have the high school seniors I photograph stand next to or even wade into the water during their sessions. This was the first time I had a senior DANCE in the water, though!!

I met Chloie once before when she did a BFF photo shoot with one of my Mod Squad members, so I knew she was a lot of fun to work with. And then when she said she'd bring a dance outfit along to her senior session I was excited and curious to see what we'd create together. What I didn't know was what a spectacular sunset we were going to have that night, so we took full advantage of it!

This session was pretty epic, right? Chloie you were such a great sport jumping over and over for me to get these shots. I can't wait to see your wall art and other products!!

I have a few spots left this calendar year for photo sessions, so reach out to me here if you'd like one--though I doubt we'll be in the water unless you really like to be cold!

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