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Hudson, NY Senior Photographer | Mod Squad Member Ali, Part 2

I've been featuring a member of the JenniWaka Mod Squad each week, and this week it's Ali!

Tuesday I shared images from the 5 Mod Squad shoots that Ali has participated in so far. Today I'm sharing photos from her Custom Senior Portrait Session. I'm excited to see an image from this session in her Taconic Hills High School yearbook!

I'm excited to see Ali for more Mod Squad sessions and activities in the coming months, and to see what she accomplishes during her senior year at Taconic Hills. I'm sure she'll accomplish a lot!

If you're curious about what it's like to work with me, ask Ali about how much fun we've had. Then when you're ready to book your own senior session, contact me here.

And if you're a rising sophomore or junior interested in joining the Mod Squad next year, contact me here. I'm sure you'll have a great experience, too!!

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