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Dutchess County Senior Photographer | How to prepare for your Senior Portraits

This is it! The last post in my week-long series about senior portraits. I've written about the session packages I offer, what to expect of your experience with me, what to wear, and location ideas. Today I'll give you 10 tips to help you prepare for your senior pictures!

When you've booked your senior portraits, chosen a location and outfits, and are getting close to the day of your session, you may think you've done everything you can to prepare. But unless you've checked the following tips, your job may not be done:

1. If you'll be in the sun, avoid tan lines. Also, don't overdo any tanning, natural or otherwise.

2. If you plan to get a haircut or color, do it at least two weeks before the session so it looks natural. (For guys with short hair, this could be done closer to the session date.)

3. Any new makeup that you'll be wearing should be tested out far in advance in case of allergic reaction.

4. Iron your clothes and keep them on hangers. Pretty please!!

5. Make sure that your undergarments work with your outfits--there should be no visible straps or dark colors showing under light clothing.

6. Pack a bag with your makeup (especially translucent powder and lip products), shoes, and any accessories you plan to use so you don't forget them. Bringing along extras is always a good idea, too--a few photos with a different necklace, belt, vest, or hat can be really fun!

7. Remove any old nail polish and make sure your nails look neat and clean.

8. Get plenty of sleep the night before.

9. Apply your makeup much like you usually do, but just a little more defined and polished. Mascara and/or liner on your eyes and a slight shine to the lips are both much more important than trying to cover a few pimples--that's what Photoshop is for!

10. Take that hair tie off your wrist! Preferably at least an hour before the session so there aren't marks left!

Are you ready to book your senior session? Or do you have more questions I didn't answer in this blog series? Either way, please contact me here. I look forward to chatting with you!

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