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Hudson Valley Teen Photographer | Kelcie's Snowy Session

Funny story: I thought Kelcie was a sophomore or a junior at either Red Hook High School or Stissing Mountain High School, so I invited her to apply for the JenniWaka Mod Squad. Can you believe she's really only in 8th grade? She's got such a mature air about her, right? So Kelcie isn't eligible to be part of the Mod Squad (yet!!) but I did get the chance to do some portraits with her in the snow a couple weeks ago. I'm so glad we did!

Can we take a second and talk about Kelcie's hair!?! Isn't it gorgeous? So many teens (and adults!) have a feature that draws more attention than we'd like. Sometimes it's attention from others and sometimes it's where our own eyes are drawn when we look in the mirror. But so often it's that feature that really is special about us, and is part of our unique beauty. I know that sounds cheesy, but as I grow older I realize how true it is! And along with her beautiful eyes and cute freckles, Kelcie's hair is definitely part of her beauty!

I loved working with you Kelcie and look forward to you joining my Mod Squad in a couple years!

JenniWaka Photography is available for senior, teen, and family photography in New York's Columbia and Dutchess Counties, as well as nearby Connecticut and Massachusetts.

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