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Calling small business owners! Did you know that your social media accounts are favored when you post every day? And when your posts have photos it helps so much more! 


But how about instead of ‘selfies’ you had a treasure chest of images just waiting for you to use? Images of you, your business, and the story behind it all? 

Are you a food blogger or baker? Images of you shopping and cooking, your family tasting that food, and photos of the finished product would be sure to help boost your profile!


Do you provide a service such as massage or tutoring to your clients? How about photos of you meeting with them, shaking hands or working together, and their engaged, smiling faces?


Reach out to me today for a free consultation so we can improve your online presence!

--"It's like endless material to work with. Worth every penny. We'll have to do another (session) in the future.""



Simple headshots
15 min, 1 outfit

2 digital images


Deluxe headshots

45 min, 3 outfits

pro hair and makeup

5 digital images




2 hour session




product/situational images


20 digital images

ready to use 

in print or online




monthly 45 min sessions

for 3+ months includes:

product/situational images


15 digital images

ready to use

in print or online

each month!


Additional charges for larger groups and excess mileage apply. Prices subject to sales tax.

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