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As a senior and family photographer, I hear from a lot of parents that their teens are kind of dreading having their pictures taken. Yes, it's mostly moms telling me about their sons, but sometimes the daughters aren't excited, either. And when you add in the whole family and try to have multiple teens smile for the camera? That's a tough one, right?

Wrong! It's so important for me to keep everyone relaxed and comfortable during their photo shoots. We roll with the punches, we joke, we take a minute to breathe and relax between poses, we chat, we walk around...basically, we keep it as painless as possible. And when we get to the end of the session I always ask if it was as bad as they thought it would be, and they always say it was actually fun. Who'd have thought?

Vickie's 3 beautiful kids McKayla, Andrea, and Dusty were a bit hesitant at the beginning of their session, but they warmed up pretty quickly. I even got to do one of my favorite kinds of poses--where I have them give me tough poses and serious expressions--and it came out so well that Vickie had to order it! But we got plenty of happy faces, too. Heck, we even got Dusty to smile with teeth showing for one shot!

Vickie, thanks so much for trusting me to capture your beautiful family. I can't wait to see the image box, wall art and other products you ordered. And I predict I will get even more smiles from Andrea and Dusty next year for their senior portraits!

There are still a couple spots left for fall portraits so if you'd like to have a relaxed, laid-back family session with me, contact me here!

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