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Father's Day gift ideas, especially for teens and young adults (no neckties included!)

Maybe you've outgrown art class pinch pots and watercolor drawings of your dad, but that doesn't mean you can't give a heartfelt, customized gift for Father's Day! Here's a list of 10 ideas for you to consider as you plan how you'll celebrate your dad next weekend. (Um, yeah--I said next weekend--time to get moving!)

1. Custom art print--use words such nicknames, hobbies, and adjectives describing him to create a Dad Word Cloud. There are various sites out there such as Worditout where I created the one below. Print it out and put it in a nice frame and voila!

2. Tickets to a concert, sporting event or movie--even if it's one you're not crazy about, how happy would he be if you went with him just once? Yes, even if it's Jimmy Buffett. There, I said it.

3. Breakfast--cook him a morning meal fit for a king, just make sure you know how crispy he likes his bacon!

4. Plan a day trip somewhere that he always says he wants to go but never does. Hit the beach, head to the big city, or visit a museum he'd like--be it history, sports, or even one all about Pez!

5. Chores--are there any chores you can take over for dad so he can chill next weekend? Mow the lawn, wash the cars, or clean the pool? Yeah, it's not fun but you'll get some sun and brownie points, too!

6. Snacks--grab a crate or bucket and head down the snack aisle at the supermarket grabbing all his faves as you go. It doesn't have to be fancy to be appreciated. And if the container can be reused, all the better!

7. Is there some outdoor activity your dad likes that would be a great bonding experience? Maybe you could go hiking or fishing with him, or play paint ball or golf. Get out there and make some memories together!

8. Take him out to lunch or dinner, but not the kind of place you're 'supposed to' go for a nice Father's Day meal. What does he truly like to eat? Barbecue? Sports bar fare? Greasy pizza? Maybe he'd just love to go get fresh, hot Krispy Kremes (looking at my dad here).

9. Go digging through old albums, boxes, and computer files to find all your favorite photos with the big guy. Put prints directly into a photo album, or create an photo book on Shutterfly or other similar sites.

10. A Father's Day mini session with me! I still have a couple spots open for June 17th and 18th. Contact me here and I'll send you all the details!

Whatever you do to celebrate your dad, I hope you both enjoy Father's Day!

This post is part of a blogging project I'm working on with other photographers around the country. We write something about the number 10 on the 10th of each month. I just got done reading an awesome "10 on 10" post by my colleague Jodi of majorCLICKS Photography--it's all about shopping for seriously cute fashion on a budget. Click here to read more about it!

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