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Dutchess County Senior Photographer | Graduation Party Checklist

Planning a graduation party can be both nerve-wracking and really exciting. Especially with Pinterest and other online sources of inspiration, the endless options for your party can seem overwhelming. But if you take a step back and make yourself a simple checklist, you can be sure not to forget any of the must-haves. Here are a few basics to get you started:

  • Theme: Party planning nerd alert! I love a good theme. Some obvious choices for graduation are your high school colors or mascot, or a sport or activity you participated in. Likewise you could choose a symbol of your future college or your dream occupation. There are lots of possibilities and while having a theme isn't at all a necessity, it can actually help you make choices as you plan by narrowing the field. And it's fun!

  • Food: Whether it’s hors d’oeuvres or a full-on meal, good food is a staple for making your grad party great. Consider having stations such as a salad bar or a build-a-taco table. And don’t forget to have lots of cold beverages, as the weather is likely to be warm!

  • Dessert: This is separate from food because, come on, it's dessert! Many graduation parties will have a big yummy congratulatory cake, but you could substitute with cupcakes, donuts, or pie if that's what you love. Cookies, s'mores, or a candy buffet are also fun options.

  • Decorations: Balloons are pretty much expected, not only to decorate your party but often to help guests find your house! But how about tissue paper pom poms, or banners with your name and "class of 2017" cut out of card stock? Eye-catching decorations can often be inexpensive and simple to make yourself. Sometimes a trip to a craft store will inspire you even more than a trip to a party goods store, and get you more bang for your buck!

  • Memorabilia: An important part of grad parties is celebrating YOU! Set up a table for a baby picture board, cards and pens for people to write advice and good wishes, your yearbook, and all your senior portrait products for your guests to enjoy. (Read last week's blog post for more on that!)

Hopefully reading through this has helped you organize your thoughts so you can more easily plan your epic graduation party. The most important thing is to enjoy yourself and recognize all the friends and family members who supported you and are so proud of you. Oh, and there's one more really important thing--don't forget to write thank you letters afterwards!

Congratulations and best wishes for a bright future!

xo Jen


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