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Dutchess & Columbia County, NY senior photographer | Top 10 things you need to know about prom f

Getting ready for prom? Have you planned your flowers yet?

I spent a couple years working for a florist and I still love keeping up with trends and new designs in the floral world. Prom is such a fun time to experiment with different styles and types of flowers, but it certainly helps to know a bit about corsages and boutonnieres before you start shopping.

  1. How much are prom flowers?

Depending on the types of flowers used, boutonnieres generally start at about $10 or $15 and wrist corsages from $25 or $30.

  1. Who pays for prom flowers?

Traditionally, dates will pay for each other’s florals, but often they will be ordered at the same time to ensure that they coordinate.

  1. When should I order my flowers?

As soon as you have your dress, it’s a good idea to reach out to your florist of choice. This is especially true if you are hoping for a unique design or color, as the florist may have to special order some items. Even if you want a very simple style, though, you’ll want to order at least a week or two before prom as flower shops get very busy and need to make sure they have enough supplies.

  1. Where do I wear a corsage? Traditionally, corsages were worn pinned near the shoulder of dresses, but as fewer dresses have sleeves these days that style is not as common anymore. Some other fun ways to wear corsages are in your hair, pinned to a clutch, or even around your ankle or as a ring! Most commonly, though, prom corsages are worn on the left wrist.

  2. What types of wrist corsages are there? The bracelet part of a wrist corsage comes in many styles. It used to be that they were all uncomfortable elastic bands, but now there are also pearl bracelets, jeweled bracelets, curled wire cuffs, and even slap bracelet style corsage bases.

  3. What kind of flowers should I get? Not every type of flower works for boutonnieres and corsages because there is no real water source. Roses, especially smaller ‘spray’ roses are commonly used and come in a large variety of colors. There are also various types and sizes of orchids that stand up well without water for several hours. Some other choices are ranunculus, carnations, mums and some lily varieties.

  4. What colors should I get? Although you do want your flowers to coordinate with your outfits, that doesn’t mean they have to be a perfect match. Sometimes choosing a complimentary color looks even nicer, plus you can still choose to add fillers, ribbons, or bows that match your dress color more closely. As far as what color flowers are available, the choices are pretty much endless.

  5. What kinds of items can be used besides flowers? There are so many creative designs and amazing elements being used for prom flowers! It’s common to see curled wires, gemstones, pearls, brooches, shells, and other sparkling additions. There are some more natural-looking or even boho style items that can be added, too, such as feathers, lace, burlap, twine, buttons, and even twigs.

  6. How should I take care of my flowers? The florist will give you instructions, but most often you will place the box of flowers in your refrigerator until you need them. Make sure not to leave them in your car!

  7. How do I put a boutonniere on? Position the boutonniere on the left lapel, and hold the lapel out while pinning so you don’t have to worry about accidentally poking your date. From the back of the lapel, push one pin through at an upwards angle and into the ‘stem’ of the bout. Take another pin and do the same but at a downwards angle into the ‘stem’ of the bout. With the two pins going opposite directions, the flowers should be secure. Oh, and make sure to take photos while you’re putting it on!

Click here for a Pinterest board I've put together of some beautiful corsages and boutonnieres you might like. Also, check out this post for a list of popular local florists and links to their websites. If you're going to prom at Taconic Hills, Webutuck, or Stissing Mountain High School, these should be a big help!

No matter what your flower choices, though, I hope your prom is awesome! Make sure you get lots of great photos to document this epic night!

JenniWaka Photography is available for senior, teen, and family photography in New York's Columbia and Dutchess Counties, as well as nearby Connecticut and Massachusetts.

P.S. Be sure to click here to check out my fellow photographer's post about battling depression for National Mental Health Awareness Month.

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